Continued Stillness

I have continued to feel lucky with the roams. This past weekend was warm, windless, and clear again, and a nice group, almost all regulars now, came around Russian Hill with me – finding stillness and quietness in the midst of the city, even while a number of agreeable conversation were happening. Fingers crossed that the dates I have scheduled keep missing the rain that has been coming back a little. 

After the two weddings, and a few other extra commitments recently, I felt that I had a number of ducks lined up, and I just needed to take care of them one at a time. I was glad to have a more spacious weekend this time around (I had a couple of tasks to try to get ahead on, and ended up not getting to them at all, prefering to be outside, and then resting).

Probably every year at this time I make reference to it being the time of year I paid my first visit to San Francisco – as it happens even the days and dates line up this time. I don’t actually remember how I spent Monday 15th November 1999, but I was certainly enjoying myself in the city. 

At the same time I am still a little taken aback that we are closing in on the end of the year; I don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving, beyond most likely taking an early morning ride on the Thursday, but it is starting to look possible that I will be able to visit Tassajara at New Year, which will be tremendous if it does happen. There will be photos of that, for sure.

Thursday evening at Jack London Square
Another radiant sunset
A Friday lunchtime ride through the park to Ocean Beach – the newly green grass was luminous.
A favourite view, from Ina Coolbrith park during the roam.
Another beloved spot down the hill.
Sunrise on my Sunday ride
It was misty down at Crystal Springs.

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