‘Just let dharma be the same as food, and let food be the same as dharma. For this reason, if dharmas are the dharma nature, then food is also the dharma nature. If the dharma is suchness, food also is suchness. If the dharma is the single mind, food also is the single mind. If the dharma is bodhi, food is also bodhi.’ (Eihei Shingi, Fushukuhanpo)

I had a mind to pick up the Pure Standards again and this is the page it opened to. As with Suzuki Roshi addressing his students, I wonder if there was an agenda here. It is often said that Dogen, who was brought up around the imperial court, might have found the manners of some of his young monks somewhat lacking, so even apart from the correct notion of treating everything equally as dharma, there might have been an edge of etiquette creeping in here.

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