The Stars Align

This week I have a sense of things easing up for Thanksgiving – at least I can say that for myself, since I am not burdened by expectations of providing food and entertainment for others. As always, I enjoy the extra free time offered by the holidays to get out more on my bike, and the weather looks like it will be co-operating with this wish. There will also be a roam on Sunday afternoon which I am looking forward to very much.

As my schedule has felt a little lighter, I have started trying to brush up on my in-person social skills again – which is definitely easier to do when it is warm enough to sit with friends in the park, or as happened on Sunday evening, on the beach. I had already ridden along Great Highway in the morning, right before the sun came up, and the moon was descending towards the horizon in the ocean. The whole day was clear, and the sunset gorgeous. It is so easy to feel thankful to be able to spend time in such a way, in a place I can ride my bike to easily – and I know we could use a lot more rain soon!

After the sun went down, we could start to see stars and planets: for the first time in a while, I took out my star chart app – the brightest one was Venus, then we spotted Jupiter close by; a few moments later, Saturn was visible, in a straight line between the other two, and all three lining up to point down to where the sun had just set. It must mean something…

Before the clear weekend, Thursday was a day of mist and cloud
I was lucky enough to catch the last of the sunset from the ferry home on Thursday
I was on my way to meet a friend for an early dinner on Friday at the peak of sunset, seen from my local park.
Mid-morning on Saturday, a short outing on my bike to get some fresh air – this shot and the next one were taken on the move!
I get out earlier than many people on bikes, but the surfers were already numerous on Ocean Beach on Sunday morning.
The beach was quite busy for the sunset.
I was glad I could cajole my phone into at least capturing Venus before we left.

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