In All Kinds of Weather

It was only a few weeks ago that I was trundling around in shorts most of the time, and actually looking in my wardrobe and musing why I had so many cold-weather clothes when I so rarely needed them. In the past week, our second atmospheric river of the season has come along, and the temperatures dropped at the same time. I dug out my hat and gloves along with my winter layers for a ride on Saturday morning, before the roam in the afternoon, which was sunny but with a chilly breeze. On Sunday it rained right on cue, and that continued almost non-stop through to Tuesday morning. My only planned outing on Sunday was volunteering with the Bicycle Coalition at the annual party in the afternoon, and I opted to take the streetcar over to the park, and then walk home at the end of the event, as I find walking in the rain preferable to riding. I met many people I knew at the party, and enjoyed getting to mingle, even masked, with bike people again.

On Monday I walked, also getting pretty soaked, down to the Hall of Justice – my fourth visit in the last couple of months- to support someone I met while I was leading meditation sessions in the county jail. On the previous occasions, there had been substitute judges that the lawyer thought would not be well-disposed to the case, and then also a new assistant DA who had not had time to master the brief. This time around, even with the assistant DA’s reservations, the judge was inclined to offer a treatment program rather than even more jail time. I found myself deeply moved at how a person’s life can sometimes have the opportunity for transformation.

Happily the rain eased up in time for my commute on Tuesday – though it was cold enough that I was glad of hat and gloves on my bike and on the ferry. I also got lucky on Thursday, as another band of rain blew through, and it warmed up a little as well. Next week’s forecast has more rain in it though.

As we roll towards the end of the year, I am not taking much of a break from my usual commitments, and indeed am filling in for three extra classes in the next week on Within (see also my Calendar page). We are starting to plan for the class on Suzuki Roshi’s talks in the new year, and I have also been invited to give the dharma talk at Zen Center on Wednesday 5th, which I will probably use as a prelude to the class.

Oyster Point on a chilly and still Saturday morning.
I rode from the bay over to the ocean, here overlooking the cliffs of Daly City.
Mount Tam in the backdrop of this photo as well, from the top of Bernal Heights on Saturday’s roam.
Walking back from the Bike Coalition party on Sunday evening, with the giant Christmas tree at the entrance to Golden Gate Park
A view form the Hall of Justice as rain blew through on Monday morning.
Weather front from the ferry on Tuesday morning.
Another spectacular city view on Tuesday evening.
Wet evning on Wednesday.
Beautiful sunset on Thursday
With a nearly full moon rising as well.

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