Suzuki Roshi

‘Just because you try to be something else, you know, you lose your reality. Do you understand? So we should be just– I should be just me. Then, at the same time, I have liberation. I have enlightenment. I am not ghost [laughs]. I exist here, you know. I am Buddha himself. I am not ghost. This is, you know, just to sit. And this is not some, you know, fancy teaching at all, you know [laughs]. This is direct teaching. There– there can be no more– there can be any other teaching so direct, you know. “Just to sit” is the most direct teaching. You cannot [laughs] say no or yes even, before you– you cannot say anything about it: “just to sit” [laughs]. So we say “just to sit.” There is no more teaching.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi Archives)

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