Suzuki Roshi

‘As I said this afternoon in my lecture, the second master of my temple in Japan was studying Zuigan’s addressing his own name for six years it was not enough. After he found out the truth of addressing himself is addressing to the Buddha nature, addressing to our Shakyamuni Buddha, the true practice started in my temple. Sometimes many students, sometimes quite few students, but that practice incessantly continues so far. But his practice will continue forever and pervade whole world, whole universe, because this is the truth how everything exists in each world and each world without any contradiction or disturbance exists at the same time in the same way. As I believe in this truth, I am here now in Tassajara, and practicing our way with you. This is not Japanese way or — American way, and Japanese way and American way. I don’t mind which is which. May we continue this practice without any misunderstanding forever with all sentient beings.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archives)

I have started studying the talks from the first sesshin at Tassajara, in August 1967, as they will be the subjects of the next few articles. This passage comes from the shosan ceremony held at the end of the week of sitting – frustratingly the only audio which has not come to light now. Transcripts were made of all the talks though, and in these closing remarks, Suzuki Roshi offers a strong reminder of the bigger picture.

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