The Blue Cliff Record

'Sancho said to Seppo, "The golden carp has leapt through the net. Now, how will it sustain itself?"
Seppo said, "When you have leapt through the net yourself, I will tell you."
Sancho said, "A renowned teacher of fifteen hundred monks cannot find even one word to say about this?"
Seppo said, "As the abbot, I have many things to take care of.' (Case 49)

This goes along with Monday's story. The monk wanted a helping hand; he thought he had a cool question, and that the abbot would give him something decisive and clear to affirm him. The abbot knew better: if you aren't there, there's no point in asking; if you are there, more to the point, you won't need to ask. Right now, he probably has another meeting to go to. Besides, where is this net?

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