Mindful of Transiency

‘Mindful of transiency, pursue the path with diligence and care.’

This phrase will resonate with anyone who ever endured a nenju ceremony (I wrote about that in the very early days of the blog, here).

I had been teaching on transiency in my last session of the day, as the sun had, for perhaps the first time in six months, been at an angle to shine down on my dharma seat from between my building and the next just as I began the session. I had intended to get some fresh air afterwards, and having just seen some photographs from cherry blossom season in Tokyo, I thought to ride over to the cherry blossoms in the park, which were indeed flowering. Continuing round to the National Cemetery in the Presidio only served to underscore the point.

As it happened, in my reading time today, I also came across some old photographs I had taken at Zen Center from the few weeks of the year when the morning sun reached in to the statues in the Buddha Hall. Those moments, and their equivalents at Tassajara, were always a treat for me as a photographer.

The sun also illuminated my bell, and somehow my phone managed not to mangle the shot.
Maybe a little past their peak, but last time I was in the park, they had not even begun to blossom.
The National Cemetery.
A rare occurrence at City Center.

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