On The Dharma Seat

I was relatively happy with how the talk went on Saturday. I had been a little nervous beforehand, until I was actually sitting down in front of my computer. There was my usual worry that there wouldn’t be smooth connections between the main points I wanted to make. In the end, I extemporised more than I have in the past beyond what I had written, and my only worry was that bringing one section back to the place I originally had it, before I had moved it later in my last run-through read, had somehow caused me to skip a page. The question and answer session was rich as well. I was gratified to have familiar faces from Young Urban Zen represented, as well as other long-time practitioners and friends.

The day before I had given the first meditation to the Hyperice (who took over Core) all-hands meeting, of around 150 people, which was also a little nerve-wracking. It was not the size of the crowd, but rather the guidance I was given about the tone to set in the meditation; I worried whether I could address that while being authentic and consistent in how I usually teach – it is a pretty high energy, ‘go-getter’ group. I made a few notes of the points I wanted to get in, which is very unusual for me, especially for a five-minute session, and I was pleased with how it turned out. 

I have another interesting session coming up, this time in-person at a fashionable online name I think I am not allowed to identify, on Wednesday, to celeberate returning to working in the office, and I will be mulling over how to approach the suggested themes for that one as well. 

March did not exactly go out like a lamb – it was chilly and somewhat gloomy for chunks of last week – but it seems to be getting a little warmer now, and we have high temperatures promised for later this week. I had a most enjoyable ride up Sweeney Ridge early on Sunday, before roaming in the afternoon – the wind had picked up by then, so it wasn’t as warm as it could have been. We also didn’t get as close up to three of the Goldsworthys as used to be possible, though we happily took a tip from another group of people on the same mission as to the best way to see Earth Wall. No coyotes this time either, but we did get to hang out with a heron and have several hawks close overhead.

I took a break from preparing my talk to ride in the oark, and came across a perfectly blossoming tree at Stow Lake.
Looking towards Tam from Twin Peaks on Friday.
And from Sweeney Ridge on Sunday
The fog line was subtle but unmistakable on the Pacifica side.
Stalking a heron in the Presidio.
The Spire has been fenced off since it was set on fire, but in no way diminished.

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