‘In the study hall, do not keep things such as bows and arrows, spears and clubs, swords, or helmets and armor. Generally do not keep any military equipment. If someone stores short swords and the like, they must be expelled from the temple right away. Implements that violate prohibitions should never be brought into the study hall.’ (Eihei Shingi)

Dogen’s Pure Standards contains quite a few giggle lines like this. It’s a salutary reminder that it’s not always impossible to get a handle on Dogen. All of which is to plug an upcoming study group I will be participating in as part of Treasure the Road, along with Catherine and Zachary. Writing this before I leave for Tassajara, we are scheduled to launch on Monday May 9th, at 4:30 west coast time. Bows and arrows are unlikely to make an appearance.

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