Katagiri Roshi

‘To sit on the chairs of silence is not enough to realize what you are and who you are. Everybody can sit on the chairs of silence and tranquility, on the chairs of understanding transience. Actually, every time you encounter the various phases of human life it is possible to understand what a human being is. Through your experience, I think, you can see that understanding transience is not enough to improve your life in the future. Understanding tranquility or silence is not enough to elevate your life. You have to develop silence and tranquility. The understanding of silence and tranquility on a higher level is the actual practice. In other words, give it life, vivid life …. 

Buddha teaches us that we have to have the Big Mind. Then what is the small mind? The Big Mind as taught by Buddha has nothing to do with the domain between big and small. Even though you think you understand the Big Mind as taught by Buddha, I think this understanding is still floating between your notion of reality and Reality itself. You say “I don’t like this,” but the suffering doesn’t move. 

For the sick student, the most important thing is that she expresses the decision to continue to listen through her everyday life, through the taking care of, through the benign and cheerful treatment of her disease, of her death. Listening to the silence, to the silence and the tranquility, is not merely a notion – it should be bound up with our everyday life …. ‘ (from Wind Bell)

I have been doing some reading around the shosan ceremony that I quoted from recently, and found a wonderful lecture by Katagiri Roshi on life and death.

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