Katagiri Roshi

‘The important point is not whether to kill bugs or not to kill them, but to look at the whole situation, present, past and future, by recognition of the truth of transiency and interdependence. If we want to take care of the rose, we have to take merciful care of the past, present and future of the rose – all the things that exist around the rose. With warmhearted responsibility and wholeheartedness, we have to be attentive to the treatment of the rose so as not to attract bugs. Because bugs grow. This is the basic way of understanding Buddhism. On the level of the life force, there are many things going on at the same time, depending upon where your attention is. If you ignore something, something bad grows fast. If you take considerate care of something, it grows well. Cockroaches don’t exist only in the present. They arose from the past and will exist also in the future. It lies with you to increase or decrease the conditions for their breeding.’ (from Wind Bell)

Which reminds me of this post.

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