Corey Ichigen Hess

‘I’m trying to get people to go to that nothing place. That place where we don’t go. They never go.  That zero place.  Where we aren’t going anywhere. There is actually nowhere to go but we are always running. Running.  Trying. Efforting. And when we are honest enough to face reality for the first time, we think there will be a barrier. And that barrier drops.  And we see that we don’t need to be afraid. We are connected always. We are never alone. It is impossible to be alone. Impossible to be unloved.

And when we stop reaching, doing, really stop, something else happens. Something else is allowed space.  Something else.  Like a wave from nowhere emerges.  It’s confusing. It’s unexpected.  We stop. Stop, stop.  And something happens that is not us, the normal us, not us making it happen.  Something flourishes that is not about us trying to flourish.  We see then that our value is not based on our effort. Our existence is not based on us manipulating or controlling or fighting or proving our worth.  For the first time we see that something is there and never goes away.  Something will never die. Something is not born. Something bigger than us, more interesting than us, shines.’ (from Zen Embodiment)

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