Kosho Uchiyama

‘Dogen Zenji taught that our attitude should be one of practice and diligent work in any situation whatsoever.  If we fall into hell, we go through hell; this is the most important attitude to have.  If we encounter unhappiness, we should work through it sincerely.  Just sit in the Reality of Life seeing hell and paradise, misery and joy, life and death, all with the same eye.  No matter what the situation, we live the life of the Self.  We must sit immovably on that foundation.  This is essential; this is what ‘becoming one with the universe’ means.

If we divide this universe into two, striving to attain satori and to escape delusion, we are not the whole universe.  Happiness and unhappiness, satori and delusion, life and death; see them with the same eye.  In every situation the Self lives the life of the Self – such a self must do itself by itself.  This universal Life is the place to which we return.’ (On Zazen)

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