The Practice Of Generosity

Just a couple of months ago, as part of my trip, I sat the morning schedule at Black Mountain Zen Centre. I have been there quite a few times over the years now, and have appreciated the solidity both of the building and of the sangha, steered by my good friend and dharma sister Djinn. It was a big shock, even at this distance, to learn that the building that housed the zendo (and no less importantly, the ante-room where all the tea and discussion took place) had burnt down the other night.

Over the years, we have had quite a few occasions when it seemed that we might lose Tassajara, and I was thinking particularly of the zendo fire in 1978, from which a new zendo was built – supposedly temporary, but still in use more than forty years on. Impermanence strikes; what follows is inevitably different, and still has the spirit of what was there before.

But to make that a reality, the Belfast sangha need funds, and they are fundraising for their future. If you feel moved to help, here is the GoFundMe page.

I took this picture after the morning sit just because, not realising it would soon be a particular memento.

2 thoughts on “The Practice Of Generosity

  1. Oh no!!! thanks for sharing this info and the link for donations. What a blow! in Austin we have just tried to improve fire safety in our 100+ yr old building. Tassajara on my mind, too.


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