Katagiri Roshi

‘As a cultural form, Zen is growing pretty fast, which is called Zen “boom”, Zen bubble, and young people, specifically, are liable to be attracted. But I wonder if their understanding of Zen has anything to do with their daily lives, no matter how hard they study. It is because for them Zen is merely booming Zen, nothing more, that they cannot get at the heart of Zen itself. 

Recently I have felt very strongly that students have to understand more clearly how to make Zen concrete in their daily lives. Our practice is not just to sit in meditation in the zendo. The important point is how Zen meditation should be used in daily life, outside of Zen Center. Shakyamuni Buddha’s way is to live our life truthfully, which means to put Zen to practical use vividly and fully according to the time and circumstances.’ (from Wind Bell)

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