The wind and rain have come in together in the past week, and it feels seasonally chilly. On Saturday we had no real views on the roam, with low damp clouds (with a brief rainbow); Sunday was clear; Monday it threatened to rain so we sat indoors (and also found a more spiffy location to use in the future) only for the rain to hold off until the evening; on Tuesday I got quite lucky with a potentially damp commute.

I had a sense of foreboding about the elections here in the US, and having an eclipse that morning didn’t seem like a good portent, but when I woke up on Wednesday, I had a feeling that things could have been way worse. Locally I was extremely happy that JFK promenade in the park is here to stay, and with the clock-change dawn coming earlier, I was out on my bike first thing on Wednesday to stretch my legs, catching a beautiful sunrise and setting moon on my way from the park to the bridge and back.

Today, all being well, I will make it to Wilbur for the first time since June. I expect the mornings to be cold, and hopefully the weather kind enough to allow for a mindful hike on Saturday. Beyond that, having wrapped up the Tenzo Kyokun with a lively final class, we are looking at potentially interweaving Dogen classes in the spring, and I am starting to plot for a return to England. Stay tuned!

A couple of typical skies from ferry rides last week
A damp city on Tuesday morning – I missed most of the rain.
Tuesday afternoon skies from the BART station.
Looking out to Point Bonita on my Wednesday morning bike ride.
One of my favourite spots along Crissy Field, from the Wednesday ride.

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