Shodo Harada

‘People are constantly in a state of desire, and that makes us confused and unclear. Even recognizing our foolishness and vowing to help each other won’t resolve everything. The clear bright essence of mind has to be awakened to. You only have one life. Don’t waste it. It’s not about being praised and complimented, but about realizing how joyful you can be that you have been born. Let go of your small self and know that you are the life energy of all people, not a small isolated piece of living matter. You illuminate the whole globe, as does everything that is alive! The Buddha said the most important precept is giving, to humbly offer and to humbly share. Infinite love is born from seeing how to provide what people really need–because we know they are our own self. This is not something we learn through our practice; we have it from the beginning. We only have to awaken to it.’ (Not One Single Thing)

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