I’m not sure what happened to all that forecast rain, but what we got instead was a spell of cold weather. Knowing that much of the US was feeling it more, and that the UK just got a big hit of snow, I always feel I have to add that ‘cold’ is by Bay Area standards: I was out on my bike in places with frost on the ground, having dug out my neoprene glove and booties, as well as a warm skull cap; at home, though I like to open windows in the middle of the day to air the place out, the heating was on morning, afternoon and evening.

The clear skies did mean I could schedule some roams – I did back-to-back ones, visiting Telegraph Hill, North Beach and Russian Hill on Friday, Tank Hill and Mount Sutro on Saturday. I was very glad to be out in the sunny weather, and to be a little more active; my legs felt a little heavy after both days. 

The World Cup came to an amazing climax, which I got to watch with friends on Sunday morning. The next day felt quite empty, not least because it was a grey day which did not warm up at all. With Zachary away, we decided to sit indoors at a space open to the public, and that was definitely a good idea.

The run-up to Christmas and the New Year seems to have been going on for a while, and I have been making plans for things I want to get done in the various free days I have over the holiday period. As usual, it mostly involves getting outside, hiking, or riding on the days when other people won’t be out and about, but also taking care of some things I have been rather neglecting this month, between the football and my urge to be lazy and to rest as much as I can – which I think is a natural response to this darkest time of the year.

Sunrise at Bayshore, with a little tule fog in the valley, where it was several degrees colder.
The always lovely view from Ina Coolbrith park on Friday’s roam.
Sitting at the summit of Mount Sutro on Saturday afternoon.

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