Suzuki Roshi

‘If you practice zazen, you will feel very warm. Even though it is cold, but you should feel some warm feeling in your practice. That is, you know– The warm feeling we have in our practice is, in other word, you know, enlightenment or Buddha’s mercy, Buddha mind. It is not matter of just counting your breathing or, you know, following your breathing

You may think, you know, Tassajara became more and more rigid and, you know, strict. And what be– what will happen to us after all [laughs, laughter]? Nothing happens [laughs]. You are you– still you. You have big freedom, you know, but your practice will be improved a lot. And when your practice improve, you have good control over your everyday life. When you have good control of your desires and everyday life, then you will have, you know, big freedom from everything.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archive)

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