Dale S. Wright

‘It is important to remind ourselves that the potential powers and capacities of human beings are not the same. Each us is capable of our own specific form of excellence and each to our own degree of potential. The paradigmatic bodhisattvas described in sutras are simply typological images; they make available broad descriptions of overall human possibilities. The particular powers of any one individual – you or me – will be unique and must be individually sculpted. Finally, keep in mind that these qualities are rarely seen in actual embodiments that meet our most exalted expectations. We get glimpses of excellence in people around us, but only rarely do we witness someone whose levels of energy and whose skill in harnessing that energy are truly exemplary. On those occasions when we are privileged to be in the resence of one or more of these excellences, however, we have a portunity to see human possibility in one of its most impressive forms.’ (The Six Perfections)

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