Sitting and Roaming

I know I am posting a lot about the weather these days, but it really has been quite a topsy-turvy winter, and the forecasts have proved inadequate at capturing the vagaries of it all. 

Some examples: the Friday I previously posted about. The following day, the prediction for rain changed hour by hour. We still met for a roam around the botanical gardens, but the dozen or so people got pretty wet as we gathered. It did mean that the gardens were less busy than usual, which was nice, but also that we didn’t really get anywhere to sit as things were so damp.

The morning after, I set off for a ride and immediately got soaked, with even a bit of hail (though to be fair, the forecast had predicted some rainfall), followed by three hours of sunshine. I shared the photos of this ride and the spectacular skies that unfolded, on my Patreon page.

Last Friday, I went back to the botanical garden with my camera, expecting a pleasant morning and some good photos. I had taken my rain jacket mainly to keep me warm, but it drizzled on and off for the next few hours. The next morning, I got caught in another short intense downpour (forecast of possible drizzle) on my way to run an errand. I was so cold the rest of the morning, that I set off for the afternoon roam with about five layers on, only to shed most of them once we were underway, as the sun came out and it was a lovely afternoon. 

Thankfully, Mondays have been consistently sunny – there have been some warm days in the middle of all of this as well. Various people have dropped  in on the sits, including three separate folk last week, which always makes us happy. This past Monday we had unusual mist around the Bay Bridge was we arrived, though it burned off while we sat. The south wind that day was replaced by a strong, biting north wind the next, which made the ferry ride a little bouncy in the morning. And we also had some rain coming out of nowhere in the afternoon.

There is another roam scheduled for Friday, as the forecasts stopped showing rain showing up that afternoon. Details on the Roaming Zen page. We’ll see what happens in reality!

Drizzly morning magnolias on my second visit.
Uncle Fred, and his person, came to sit with us a couple of weeks ago.
Roaming over Liberty Hill last Saturday.
Mist on the bay on Monday.

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