‘One day Chongxin asked Zen Master Daowu, “Since I’ve come here, you’ve never taught me about essential mind.”
Daowu said, “Since you came here, I’ve never stopped giving you instruction about your essential mind.”
Chongxin said, “Where have you pointed it out?”
Daowu said, When you bring tea to me, I receive it for you. When you bring food to me, I receive it for you. When you do prostrations before me, I bow my head. Where have I not given instruction about your essential mind?”
Chongxin bowed his head for a long time.
Daowu said, “Look at it directly. If you try to think about it you’ll miss it.”
Upon hearing these words, Chongxin woke up.
Chongxin then asked Daowu, “How does one uphold it?”
Daowu said, “Live in an unfettered manner, in accord with circumstances. Give yourself over to everyday mind, for there is nothing sacred to be realized outside of this. (Zen’s Chinese Heritage)

I think when I first came across this story, I felt it to be a little facile. These days I find it deeper. How about you?

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