Dale S. Wright

‘In the Large Sutra on Parfect Wisdom, a dialogue between the Buddha and his disciple, Subhuti, gets to the point where Subhuti can only say in exasperation: “Is, then, enlightenment nonexistent?” Fearing this paradoxical conclusion, and hoping to be given a straight and uplifting answer, Subhuti only gets from the Buddha the answer he dreads: “So it is, Subhuti, so it is, as you say. Enlightenment also is a nonexistent.” The concept of enlightenment that you hold in your mind is just as “empty” as anything else. It takes the mental shape that it does dependent on other elements of understanding in your mind, your culture, your historical epoch. When they change, so does “enlightenment,” and vice versa. Becoming dogmatically attached to your current vision of enlightenment, therefore, is unwise. It is just another way to be stuck in place, another form of fearful grasping for security.’ (The Six Perfections)

As I remember, having taken many years to grasp it, from my readings of the Diamond Sutra, the teachings on emptiness spare nothing, not even themselves.

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