Shodo Harada

‘We have to peel off layer after layer of self-conscious awareness – not try to become something we perceive as over there, outside ourselves.

When we no longer divide everything we see into “seer” and “seen” but go to the root of oneness, we realize that the five senses are not separated; they are all one total perception. As we gather our senses into this oneness, the flower and the person who sees the flower are naturally one. We are blooming. Hearing the insect, we become the insect. We can see each thing perfectly, and we realize that so far as we are free from delusive ideas we have nothing but purity in our nature, for it is the delusive ideas that obscure suchness.

To realize this we have to let go of all of our productions and inventions. Even attachment to a buddha or to a truth is a delusion. If we try to force ourselves to become pure, we only go further from our goal. So why do we do zazen?

To align your breath is the most intimate thing you can do. When you let go of everything you have been thinking about, your five senses naturally align.’ (Not One Single Thing)

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