Dale S. Wright

‘Everything comes into being, Buddhists claim, dependent upon prior causes and conditions. Both the artificial self-enclosures that fear and desire generate and the balanced wisdom produced by perspective and composure have their roots in what we do in our lives. Every state of character, every form of life, has a path of daily activity and practice that leads directly or indirectly to it.

Lacking life practices conducive to such a state, it is unlikely that we could ever come to feel at home in the world and at peace with our being here. Those who are wise attain this peace by practicing peace, rather than by hoping that it comes on its own. They cultivate composure, flexibility, and resilience, and use these personal powers not to control the world so much as to control their own tendencies to close down and diminish themselves. To whatever extent these skills are embodied, wisdom is clearly visible in an balanced life of integrity and peace.’ (The Six Perfections)

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