Shohaku Okumura

‘A bodhisattvas mind has no hindrance. “Hindrance here means something that covers our mind, or an obstacle that prevents us from seing reality as it is. A hindrance is something that makes it impossible for our mind to be natural. The Chinese expression is keige. Ket and ge both mean difficulties through which we can pass. These impediments are within us. Something covers or constrains our mind so we cannot be free. We are limited and made rigid by our knowledge and ways of thinking. Life is always moving. It’s soft and flexible. When you put a big rock on a plant it tries to move through or around the obstruction and continue to grow. This is the flexibility of the life force. If we have an idea that we have to be this way or that, we have something very heavy sitting on our life. We cannot grow. We think our life is a failure and that we’re in trouble. But the life force is flexible. There is always some other way to live, to grow, and to manifest our life force.’ (Living By Vow)

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