Shundo Aoyama

‘It is because of such things as sadness, suffering, and the impasse in life, that our antennae are raised, and we try to seek the Way. First of all, the antenna is raised by the suffering [you experience], and then you encounter the teachings. As the Buddha first taught about in the Four Noble Truths, “suffering is the path to enlightenment.” So we should be aware of suffering, be guided by suffering, have our antennae go up, encounter the teachings, and through being guided by the teachings, we will awaken to the true way of life. That is how it is. At first, we are never grateful for the suffering caused by sorrow and pain. I think it is better to receive sorrow and suffering as a gift of mercy from the Buddha, who says, “Raise your antenna.” There are many kinds of sorrows, such as illness and failure, but I think we should receive them as a compassionate gift from the Buddha, who says, “Raise your antenna.”’ (from the Soto Shu Journal)

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