Lama Rod Owens

My natural habitat is silence. However, it was not always easy. In the beginning I remember being terrified by silence. In my training to become a teacher, I spent more than 3 years in a small group retreat, much of it alone and in silence.

The terror emerged from the reality that the silence would be for years. When silence is intentionally used to understand ourselves, then it will reveal many secrets to us. I found myself paralyzed by the promise that silence would be brutally honest with me, and I felt I wasn’t ready for that.

Through practice, I began to understand that silence allowed space to hold everything that was happening in the moment. Silence can offer us the support to notice the space in and around us.

And silence tells me the truth and calls me to do the work of holding the space for that truth, which is the work of spiritual transformation. Now, silence is a homecoming that I can rely on. (from Instagram)

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