Until we are free to roam and mingle again:

I am offering live meditations through Core Studio, on their Instagram Live Feed. If you want to get your own Core with a discount, use the code SITWITHSHUNDO.

Zachary and I offer virtual meditations to replace our Monday lunchtime outdoor sittings on the Embarcadero. You will find us on Zoom, and the meeting ID is 720 678 2793, Password 563028. You can drop in any time between 12:30 and 1:30, and nothing is stopping you sitting outside for this session!

I have uploaded cue notes for roams you can take by yourself, if you need some prompting to get exercise, on foot, or even on a bike in the last instance. You can see the details on Meetup, or look at the Roaming Zen page for links to the routes on Google docs.

IMG_4289Shelter-in-place dharma seat!