Meetup sit

Zachary and I are back in-person for our Monday lunchtime meditation sessions! You can find us on the Embarcadero, on the grass between the Cupid’s Bow sculpture and the restaurants (right about where Folsom meets the Embarcadero). The sit runs from 12:30 – 1:30, but you are welcome to drop in any time, for as long as you feel able to. A Zoom link is still available if you can’t make it in person. Please see the Meetup page for details.

We are also collaborating on a four-week class for Zen Center on the subject of the classic koan, ‘Baizhang and the fox’. There had been some discussion between us about what we might teach together, and when Zachary came up with this idea, since it was something I wouldn’t know how to talk about, I said yes.

On Wednesdays at noon PDT, I offer a weekly half-hour meditation through Within.

I am offering meditations through Core, on their app. If you want to get your own Core with a discount, use the code SITWITHSHUNDO.

Roaming continues on October 2nd, 16th and 31st, and November 13th and 28th, unless it starts raining. Please see the Roaming Zen Page for details.

IMG_5645Voila, the new dharma seat, though Kim has since offered me a proper zabuton.