Robert Aitken

When I sit with my friends in zazen I vow with all beings to touch and receive and convey the mind of rivers and stars. (from The Dragon Who Never Sleeps) I have enjoyed a couple of Robert Aitken’s gathas before, and it was nice to find a whole book of them. Look out for another […]

Nanao Sakaki

Why climb a mountain? Look! A mountain there. I don’t climb mountain. Mountain climbs me. Mountain is myself. I climb on myself. There is no mountain nor myself. Something moves up and down in the air. I will be at Tassajara this week, letting the mountains climb on me.

Layman Fu

Where the East Mountains float on the river And the West Mountains wander on and on, In the realm of this world beneath the Great Dipper: Just there is the place of genuine emancipation.


‘The master questioned two new arrivals. The master asked the first one, “Have you been here before?” The monk said, “No, I haven’t.” The master said, “Go have some tea.” The master then asked the other monk, “Have you been here before?” The monk said, “Yes I have.” The master said, “Go have some tea.” […]

Li Bai

From whose house are the flute notes floating? They blend into the spring breeze all over Luoyang. In the tune I heard expectant hands break willow twigs. Who wouldn’t think of home at such a moment?   (Listening to the Flute in Luoyang City on a Spring Night)