Soen Nakagawa

Looking for serenity you have come to the monastery. Looking for serenity I am leaving the monastery. Kwatz! Stop running about seeking! The dusty affairs of the world fill the day fill the night.

J. Estanislao Lopez

There are days I think beauty has been exhausted but then I read about the New York subway cars that, dumped into the ocean, have become synthetic reefs. Coral gilds the stanchions, feathered with dim Atlantic light. Fish glisten, darting from a window into the sea grass that bends around them like green flames— this […]

William Bronk

Whether what we sense of this world is the what of this world only, or the what of which of several possible worlds — which what? — something of what we sense may be true, may be the world, what it is, what we sense. For the rest, a truce is possible, the tolerance of travelers, eating foreign […]