Let the elders knit their brows as they will; For the moment, let the state be established. Where are the wise statesmen, the veteran generals? The cool breeze blows; I nod to myself. (Blue Cliff Record, case 61: Fuketsu said to the assembled monks, “If one particle of dust is raised, the state will come into […]


Actually there isn’t a thing, Much less any dust to wipe away; Who can get this straight Doesn’t need to sit there stiff.   (in response to this famous pairing)


When you’re happy, I’m not When you’re sad, I’m not A crane thinks of flying north or south A swallow thinks of its old nest Autumn moon and spring flower thoughts never end You only need to know yourself right now

Gary Snyder

A few light flakes of snow Fall in the feeble sun; Birds sing in the cold, A warbler by the wall. The plum Buds tight and chill soon bloom. The moon begins first Fourth, a faint slice west At nightfall. Jupiter half-way High at the end of night- Meditation. The dove cry Twangs like a […]

W.S. Merwin

The quiet morning has a few cloud friends that are gone when I look for them again in this one summer to which I have come after everything that I remember what can I call it before it has gone it does not hear me and does not know me it passes without seeing I […]