Brooke Astor

I am old and I have had more than my share of good and bad: I’ve had love and sorrow, seen sudden death, been left alone, of love bereft. I thought I’d never love again and felt my life was grief and pain. Twixt life and death the edge was thin, then I discovered discipline: […]


The Way of the Ancestors coming from the West I transmit to the East. Yearning for the ancient ways, Catching the moon, cultivating the clouds, Untouched by worldly dust fluttering about— Thatched hut, snowy evening, deep mountain.

Les Murray

Everything except language knows the meaning of existence. Trees, planets, rivers, time know nothing else. They express it moment by moment as the universe. Even this fool of a body lives it in part, and would have full dignity within it but for the ignorant freedom of my talking mind.   I saw a reference […]


The wind is still in the great thousands of worlds. Birds sing and mountain peaks are profoundly quiet. The roads in all four directions brighten with dawn. The six doorways are chill with autumn. Sharing the seat on the ground beyond doubt, A reflection of a bow floats in the wine cup. (from the Extensive […]