Even with purity like an autumn flood reaching to the heavens, How can it compare with the haziness of a spring night’s moon? Many people desire to find purity in their lives, But though they sweep and sweep, their minds are not yet empty.

Shido Bunen

Die while alive, Thoroughly die. Then do just as you will, and all is right.   I feel I need to add a caveat that the expression here is about the death of the limited, self-concerned ego, without which a free expression of the self is naturally skilful and beneficial, not just wantonly free in […]


The void of the circle of the Way is never filled, The letters on the seal of emptiness are still unformed. Subtly carrying the globe of heaven and axis of earth, Finely weaving the military warp and cultural woof, Opening up, kneading together, Standing along, traveling everywhere: The mind activates the mysterious pivot, thunder roars […]

Sunday Poem

The moon outside my window Is usually the same moon, But as soon as there are plum flowers It becomes a different moon. (from Zenrin Kushu – ‘parallel seven-character phrases’ section of koan capping phrases)


Billions of offerings to buddhas create boundless benefaction. How can it compare to reading an ancient teaching? Yet, letters are merely inked on white paper. Please open your eyes and see through immediately. A picture I have used before.


Unmoving, not cultivating goodness, Ebullient, not doing evil, Serene, detached from the senses, Clear, mind without fixation. (Hui-neng’s death poem, according to The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch)