‘Sitting on our cushions we can give birth to immeasurable buddhas, a birth which is exactly no-birth. Holding up Zen boards we can turn the pure Dharma wheel, a turning in which nothing is turned. Directly, bit by bit, we ceaselessly see the Buddha with no special marks, who is exactly true. Moment by moment, […]

Norman Fischer

‘The body is already awakened. The body knows precisely how to live the truth of impermanence/permanence. It knows how to change moment by moment, it understands perfectly how things arise and pass away simultaneously, and it is fully capable of dying and mixing with other elements to continue its cosmic journey forever.’ (The World Could Be […]

Across The Top Of The World

Now I am back in San Francisco, and happy to have returned to bright, warm weather. As at the beginning of the trip, the jet-lag is adding a little sense of dislocation as I move around and encounter things. The flight home was remarkably smooth – the gate was announced early, and we were ushered […]

Soko Morinaga

‘What I, and others who have gone through the experience, can positively affirm is that there is a state of mind that surpasses cause and effect, a state other than the one in which we seek to gain “that” by doing “this.” It is a samadhi in which each instant is whole as it stands, in its […]

Shodo Harada

‘People who are specialists in training practice what they do until they can become totally one with the doing of it, whether it’s the cooking, holding the knife, the cleaning, sweeping, holding the broom, the walking – doing it totally without one single thought inserted in there, and doing it in the way that thoughts […]

Koshin Paley Ellison

‘What would it be like to be truly content with what we have? You can understand that in regard to material things, of course, but I also mean it in regard to our own life in total. What would it be like to walk down the street like that? Not imagining where you’re going or […]