‘What is the pivot of the teaching of Christianity? God! In Buddhism? THIS!’ (Zen Pivots) And what is THIS? Something like suchness, perhaps?

Sylvia Boorstein

‘Becoming aware of the sudden feeling of anger is like having a thermometer in the mind. When I see the temperature jump, I know something has just happened that was either frightening or saddening. When I am skillful, instead of making any overt, angry response, I can spend a moment looking for the source of […]

Eileen Kiera

‘There is something wonderful about the truth of not being separate. When we touch the first bloom of spring, something blooms inside of us. In March, when I arrive home quite late from practicing with the sangha, I’m always thrilled when I step out of the car to hear frogs singing for the first time […]

Charlotte Joko Beck

‘Anxiety is always a gap between the way things are and the way we think they ought to be. Anxiety is something that stretches between the real and the unreal. Our human desire is to avoid what’s real and instead be with our ideas about the world: “I’m terrible.” “You’re terrible.” “You’re wonderful.” The idea […]

David Michie

‘We continue to believe in the superstition of consumerism: the shared, misguided belief that the golden path of happiness is to be accessed by rearranging the externals of our lives in a particular way. We live in a society which is mesmerized by external reengineering. Look at television output on any one night and you […]

Sunday Poem

Ten years of dreams in the forest! Now on the lake’s edge laughing, Laughing a new laugh.   (from Zenrin Kushu – ‘parallel five-character phrases’ section of koan capping phrases)

Shinshu Roberts

‘Abiding in this moment is the right-here-and now of our experience: it is enduring suchness. This suchness is the dynamic interpenetrating connection with all reality. You may have a feeling that this moment is tranquil and quiescent, separate and complete. Yet, this moment is still interacting with all of reality. We’re not usually aware of […]