Katagiri Roshi

‘In daily living there are lots of distractions, both criticisms and admiration. These things are distractions for us because it’s pretty easy to be obsessed with them. If people admire us we are completely infatuated with that admirations. If someone gives us criticism we are completely tossed away and it’s pretty hard to spring back. […]


‘If you want to master this path, first you need the faculty of great faith. What is the faculty of faith? It means faith on the inherence of the nature of mind and the immeasurable knowledge of all Buddhas; faith that those who cultivate it will realize it, regardless of the magnitude of their potential […]

Soen Nakagawa

I came to this mountain Looking for enlightenment. There was no enlightenment on the mountain. Whether laughing or crying all I hear is an echo from the other side of the mountain.

Reb Anderson

‘Selfless practice – being upright – makes impressions of selflessness in the unconscious, and becomes seeds for the conscious practice of being upright… The bodhisattva meditation is something totally useless from out individual point of view. Self-clinging wants to store all the stuff that is important to it, and it does. After all, it never […]


‘Turning circumstances and turning mind is rejected by the great sage. Speaking of mind and speaking of essence is not agreeable to buddha ancestors. Seeing into mind and seeing into essence is the activity of people outside the way. Confined words and phrases do not lead to liberation. There is something free of all these […]


Ruiyan asked Yantou, “What is the fundamental constant principle?” Yantou said, “Moving.” Ruiyan said, “When moving, what then?” Yantou said, “You don’t see the fundamental constant principle.” Ruiyan stood there thinking. Yantou said, “If you agree, you are not yet free of sense and matter; if you don’t agree, you’ll be forever sunk in birth […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘Uchiyama Roshi wrote that if we cannot sit zazen, simply waiting is a good enough substitute. Because, if I’m really honest, a lot of my zazen is just sitting and waiting for the bell to ring. (God, that sounds horrible. Am I doing this all wrong?) (Bow First, Ask Questions Later) My time at Wilbur felt […]