Paul Tran

Who doesn’t know how doubt lifts the hem of its nightgown to reveal another inch of thigh before the face of faith? I once didn’t. I once thought I was my own geometry, my own geocentric planet spinning like a ballerina, alone at the center of the universe, at the command of a god opening […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘If you stick with this practice long enough, you will find yourself starting to care for what you encounter in a way that acknowledges its function.’ (Deep Hope) Another in the ‘one line is enough‘ series… And if this does not seem clear, it stands in opposition to encountering things in a way that we try […]

Kosho Uchiyama

Honestly and without exception, you, me, all of us are, by nature, living out the reality of the life force. So, what is most critical here is that we follow in accord with that living reality through our actions  – just that. Just doing that – how can there be anything so easy!’ (Deepest Practice, […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘A talk is always– the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen. This is not– my talk is not just casual talk.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi Archive) Another of the old talks I have been listening to – from the day before the previous one (you can follow the links to hear […]

With The Nones

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time may remember that I had a page called ‘ideas’, where I posted links to articles on all kinds of subjects that interested me – mainly the nature of consciousness, power dynamics and diversity, and political awakenings, with occasional forays into quantum physics, […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘Who is studying? Who is inquiring? In the case of Buddhadharma, Buddha studies Buddha’s way through our practice. Or Dharma studies Dharma itself through us, through this person, because this person is part of the Dharma. The term “dharmas” means all beings; “Dharma” with a capital D means the way all beings are. But though “Dharma” […]

The Diamond Sutra

‘The Lord asked: What do you think, Subhuti, is there any dharma which the Tathagata has fully known as ‘the utmost, right and perfect enlightenment’, or is there any dharma which the Tathagata has demonstrated? Subhuti replied: No, not as I understand what the Lord has said. And why? This dharma which the Tathagata has […]