Ekiho Miyazaki

‘Humans are filled with attachment for fame, title, reputation, and one’s ego. You must learn how to overcome such desire. Simply be one with your breath. Then, that gives no room or space for your desire to grow anymore. Zazen means to be straight in posture. To be straight means to keep your back straight […]

San Francisco Days

Today marks twenty years since I first came to San Francisco. On the flight over from New York I had been chatting with the cabin crew, and, in the days before BART ran to the airport, happily accepted the offer of a ride into town on their shuttle. They were all staying in one of […]

Koshin Paley Ellison

‘Being receptive is essentially being open to learning from everything. Some people hear this and are frightened. Others hear it and are excited, because they love learning – or at least they say they do. But true receptivity is a lot harder than it seems. And yet, if you can stay open to the lessons […]


‘When you sit upright with no idea of something to gain or something to realize, then immediately this is the Way of the Ancestors.’  (Shobogenzo Zuimonki) As discussed the other day.

Maylie Scott

‘If you are somewhat familiar with the Heart Sutra, you can hear this all being played out with the two bodhisattvas talking to one another, Shariputra and Avalokiteshvara. Well, that’s a belief, and that can seem remote, irrelevant, or not. Then there is the difficult stuff about form is emptiness and emptiness is form. That […]

Time Changes

Obviously the title is just me being provocative – since Dogen affirms in Uji that time is just here and now (and there will be more excerpts from Shinshu’s book soon). Still, a couple of times a year the clocks get adjusted, and we all struggle to change along with that. I noticed that I […]