So How Is It Now?

‘If wisdom is the insight that nothing has a fixed nature and that all things are in process, that would suggest cultivating just enough detachment from things, ideas, and people to accept that they would all change and finally pass away. Wisdom meant letting go to some extent, releasing one’s grip on what would inevitably […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘A talk is always– the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen. This is not– my talk is not just casual talk.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi Archive) Another of the old talks I have been listening to – from the day before the previous one (you can follow the links to hear […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘To the– when we stand [at a] crossing point or fork [in the] road, which way to take? Here is our bodhisattva-mind, you know. Which is better? Which should we go? This “I” is not possible to explain, but anyway, we are always at the crossing or at the fork [in the] road, and we […]

Jakusho Bill Kwong

‘DC: What was his teaching? What did he teach? BK: I really can’t say, a teaching per se. You can say Dogen said this and this and this, put it in a slot. But Suzuki Roshi it was just like being a real person. Through his real experience of zazen, real zazen, that there’s a […]

Effortless Effort

Much as I love reading the New Yorker for learning about new things, intellectual stimulation, and keeping up-to-date with aspects of the news, I was not expecting an article on natural wine to be prompting a blog post. In it were references to a Gurdjieff community in California (which prompted me to send it on […]

The Holy Hallway

Today is the day when Zen Center commemorates the death of Suzuki Roshi, forty-eight years ago now. The story of his dying, and the timing of it (on the first day of the Rohatsu sesshin)  is told often enough. I picture him lying in the room that is now the kaisando, the room that all temples have where the […]

Of The World

My post yesterday prompted a correspondent to ask, ‘What is going on (actually)? Do you have some verbal answer?’ I suggested in reply that they go and look out of the window. I received in return a description of things seen and things felt: ‘a very “mundane” verbal description of an experience – and yet, […]