The Book of Serenity

‘One day the World Honored One ascended the seat. Manjusri struck the gavel and said, “Clearly observe the Dharma of the King of the Dharma; the Dharma of the King of the Dharma is thus.” The World Honored One then got down from the seat.’ (Case 1) Hongzhi’s peerless poem on the case: The unique breeze of […]

Sharon Salzberg

‘Generosity is primary among the actions of the Middle Way. It allows us to develop the qualities both of non-clinging and of non-complacency. Generosity is the mind’s gesture recognizing both that there is nothing solid for us to hold on to and that our actions are meaningful.’ (Lovingkindness)

Wang Wei

In the mountains Are many companions of the Way, Sitting zazen, chanting, Forming a natural community. But if you gazed Far from city walls In this direction, All you would see is white clouds. — This was one of my favourite poems when I first lived at Tassajara, from a collection of old Chinese poems. […]

Michael Stone

‘Awareness is a long beautiful arc that at once encompasses and witnesses everything in movement. But witness is simply a word. It’s not a very good choice anyway, because in the experience of deep sitting practice, “the witness” falls away, as do all categories and oppositions, revealing the universe as infinite and indivisible.’ (Awake in the World)

Roaming Zen

My gratitude to Djinn, who has been drumming up business on my behalf via her Facebook page. I am of course looking forward to this roam, up to Twin Peaks, around and about at the top of the city – not quite the highest point, but as good as. I am also looking forward to the following […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘Nowadays young people are dating, but enlightenment is not something that you can meet on a date. If you organize your life, get up at a certain time, pick up your bag lunch at a certain time, and leave for work, then if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you will meet them. There is […]

Paula Arai

‘Honda-san… turns to nature to open her heart. She says that it is the place where she feels most accepted. “At my sister’s I am not at complete peace, because I am thinking of ki o tsukau. (There is no English equivalent due to different assumptions of self and human relations. In broad terms, it means using […]


‘Having enough gruel and rice is the wondrous function of spiritual power. Cloud and water monks arrive and manifest Buddha’s body to express the Dharma. How is this? After a pause Dogen said: Although it can’t be explained in words, it’s peaceful and serene.’ (Extensive Record, Discourse 86)

Dana Velden

‘The kitchen, perhaps more than any other room in the home, offers us many opportunities to discover intimacy. First, we experience intimacy with the tangible world through working with our bodies, our ingredients, and the physical space of our kitchen. Second, we explore intimacy as a state of mind and discover the degree to which […]


High, high from the summit of the peak, Whatever way I look, no limit in sight! No one knows I am sitting here alone. A solitary moon shines in the cold spring. Here in the spring – this is not the moon. The moon is where it always is – in the sky above. And […]