Sunday Gatha

Breathing in, I wash the dishes, Aware of their usefulness in holding Nourishing meals that have sustained my family for many years. I wonder why it is always, always me doing the dishes By myself, And whether, interconnected as all human beings are, This may be the one exception. Breathing out, I release my feelings […]

Karma Wangmo

‘The secret doctrine nonsense: it’s secret because no one understands it.  When they think they do, that’s when things really go awry. In reality, nothing is hidden. The whole point is that it’s there always. but we have to uncover the wisdom that is.’ This is quoted in Radical Dharma, and obviously comes from the Tibetan school, […]

Zen Mind

I am regularly asked what drew me into zen practice, and a part of my usual reply is that reading Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind opened up a whole new way of relating to the world. If I expand on this point, it is usually to say that I was never very interested in how western philosophy looks […]

Toni Packer

‘To my surprise, a number of people here have said, “I know about you. I’ve heard about you.” So do you have an image? Knowing about Toni, having an idea about her, maybe you’ve read a little booklet, heard stories, and now you have an idea of what she is or propagates. And does one […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘When thoughts, judgments, or evaluations arise in zazen and we engage with them, there is separation between subject and object. When we let go of thought, subject and object are one; there is no one to evaluate and nothing to receive evaluation. At that time only manifesting reality exists, and manifesting reality includes our delusions. When […]

What I think about when I am riding

About a month ago I felt like I had hit the sweet spot. After many months of trying to get to the place I consider my peak form, which I last experienced before I went to Tassajara last summer, it seemed like I was there. A couple of ascents of Tam in the warm weather we […]

Karen Maezen Miller

‘Sometimes the wall we face is a bare white wall, where we are looking at nothing. This wall is called a wall. At other times we turn around and face another kind of wall, where we are looking at everything. This wall is called the world. There always seems to be a wall of some […]

Isshu Miura

‘Our great masters of olden times have described the experience [of kensho] in various ways. One master said that kensho just like coming back to life again after having lost your hold on the edge of a precipice and fallen to your death. Another master has said that kensho is the moment when you die the Great Death. And […]


‘In general, when you are a beginner you cannot fathom the buddha way. Your assumptions do not hit the mark. The fact that you cannot fathom the buddha way as a beginner does not mean that you lack ultimate understanding, but it does mean that you do not recognize the deepest point. Endeavor wholeheartedly to […]