At Year’s End

I tend to keep a lot of notebooks where I scribble down thoughts, ideas and quotes that resonate – though these days I am equally likely to do that on Apple Notes, especially on my commute, where I jot down page numbers from the book I am reading, as part of my practice to find material […]

Marian Mountain

‘A wind sweeps through the trees behind the cabin. The sound is enough to awaken the whole world from its dreams of childhood. Tonight we may make our home in this zen environment, surrounded by marble peaks and looking down into lost valleys, while an immense sheet of of shining water stretches beyond the horizon. […]

Soyen Shaku

‘In these days of industrial and commercial civilization, the multitudes of people have very little time to devote themselves to spiritual culture. They are not altogether ignorant of the existence of things that are of permanent value, but their minds are so engrossed in details of everyday life that they find it extremely difficult to […]


‘I remember that a monk asked Touzi [Datong], “What are the causes and conditions of this single great matter?” Touzi said, “Minister Yin asked me to open the hall and give a Dharma hall discourse.” The teacher Dogen said: If it had been Eihei, I would not have spoken like this. Suppose someone asks me, […]

Radical Dharma

‘Healing is movement and work toward wholeness. Healing is never a definite location but something in process. It is the basic ordinary work of staying engaged with our own hurt and limitations. Healing does not mean forgiveness either, though it is a result of it. Healing is knowing our woundedness; it is developing an intimacy […]

Chan Master Sheng Yen

‘The Buddha can manifest in any form as a transformation body to help sentient beings. According to an Indian myth, Shakyamuni Buddha was the ninth incarnation of the god Vishnu. In China some people believe that Lao Tzu, the Taoist philosopher, was an incarnation of the Buddha. Some Westerners believe that Jesus was also an […]


‘Our true teaching does not make an issue of whether one is a monk or a layperson, a male or a female; it does not choose between the aristocrat and the commoner or the old and the young. It’s not a question of great or small faculties, or of being smart or slow. As long […]


‘Freedom from form means detachment from forms in the midst of form. Freedom from thought means having no thought in the midst of thought.’ (The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch)

Chögyam Trungpa

‘It is often mentioned in the scriptures that without theories, without concepts, one cannot even start. So start with concepts and then build up theory. And then you use up the theory and it gradually gives way to wisdom, to intuitive knowledge, and that knowledge finally links with reality. So to start with, one should […]