Kathryn Schulz

I continue to derive much intellectual stimulation from reading the New Yorker. Often there are articles I might struggle to begin, but which pull me in through the quality of writing as much as for the subject matter. This was one recent such example; by the line ‘unicorns, aside from some healing properties in their horns, akin to the antibiotics in frog skin, only attract virgins—which, power-wise, puts them at the same level as boy bands’, I was quite hooked.

The ending struck me as a longer version of Suzuki Roshi’s thought the other day (as well as many other posts scattered through the blog):

‘In the end, what’s most remarkable is not that our fantasies contain so much reality; it is that our reality contains so much fantasy. Most of us understand that our perceptual systems, far from passively reflecting the world around us, actively sort, select, distort, ignore, and alter a huge amount of information in order to construct reality as we experience it. But reality as we experience it also departs from actual reality in deeper ways. In actual reality, space and time are inseparable, and neither one behaves anything like the way we perceive it; nor does light, and nor does gravity, and, in all likelihood, nor does consciousness.’

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