Zazen Instruction

While I was at the Gen X conference recently, I had a long chat with Zen Center’s new abbot David Z, who I have known since I moved to San Francisco – we moved into City Center at about the same time, and then moved down to Tassajara at the same time a couple of years later; after which, he stayed put, practised and worked hard, while I came and went.

He encouraged me to spend more time at City Center, not just coming to teach, as I did on Tuesday for the first of my classes, but also to sit, and that made a lot of sense. Apart from the Genzo-e a couple of years ago, I haven’t really done that at all – most of my sitting these days is either outside, or with my students, or when I am teaching.

Since I was due to give the zazen instruction today, it seemed like a good time to give it a try, even though I also have a roam in the afternoon, and I am officiating a wedding tomorrow morning, so it is a busy weekend. And I noticed a little resistance, especially to setting an alarm; I am often awake early enough to make the Saturday morning sitting, even including the walk over, but I found myself giving myself permission not to get up. Not sleeping well on Thursday night added to the sense of resistance…

I’ll let you know what ended up happening.

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