Larry Yang

‘True freedom is not about getting an object to satisfy the craving. True freedom is in exploring the craving itsef, and seeing and feeling what is on the other side of that craving. One of the powerful aspects of awareness arises from the fact that the awareness of an experience is not the experience itself. […]

Kodo Sawaki

‘To follow the Way is like holding a steering wheel. It is not because you imitate your friend that you drive well.’ (Commentary on the Song of Awakening) On a recent visit to Zen Center, I saw this book and picked it up right away. I have long enjoyed the Song of Awakening, or Shodoka (a brief search in […]

New Ventures

Narratives can be fun to construct; occasionally I have told one version of my life story wherein my arrival in San Francisco can be traced back to a skiing trip I did not go on during my college years. The through line on this narrative would go back to what we called the Tri-Temple meeting […]

Soko Morinaga

‘I have gone on at great length about life in a Zen monastery, a subject that may seem totally unrelated to your own lives. Yet all people, regardless of how their lives are structured, hold themselves dear. Everyone wants to be happy. And enlightenment is the starting point of happiness. We can use the words […]

Jack Kornfield

‘At a retreat on the Big Sur coast, I invited several visiting masters and lamas. Kobun Chino Roshi, a Zen Master, taught about being open to many possibilities, then he offered to demonstrate the famous art of Zen Archery.On the appointed afternoon, he set up his target at the west end of an elegant lawn, […]

By The Numbers

This isn’t a running blog (or a cycling one), even if I tend to get likes from some quarters every time I talk about my running practice. Reading this article about Strava the other day really got me thinking, though: ‘Richard Askwith, a British writer and fell runner, is the author of Running Free, a […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘We must keep trying to place out understanding in the realm of a buddha’s activity as our everyday life. A buddha’s field is formal practice with a teacher, and it is going to work and shopping for groceries. We cannot understand practice unless we practice, and then we don’t need to worry about realization.’ (Being-Time) […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Sometimes we think that what we have to offer is not enough – a box that is empty, or only partially filled. A deeper understanding of the Paramita of Giving and Receiving reminds us that intention is already a kind of fullness. The gift we truly have to offer is, in fact, ourselves. But do we really […]

Norman Fischer

‘In the simple format of meditation, just sitting there by yourself with no one to negotiate with and no task to perform, you have the perfect conditions for practicing patience. Take the issue of physical pain, an experience we naturally view as problematic. Here’s a way to go about it: When physical pain arises in […]