‘For years, because of my upbringing, I wanted others to see me as being perfect, so that’s the story I created. To myself, it’s not so pretty, as there’s no way to live up to personal expectations of perfectionism without inevitably being let down. In this way, Zen practice was triggering for my perfectionist tendencies. […]

Gesshin Claire Greenwood

‘When I really looked into justice, when I really began examining how transformation of society is made possible, it became clear to me that love had to be a part of that transformation. Reading bell hooks helped. She was the first person I ever read who spoke about ending racial injustice and compassion in the […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘My work is to actually liberate myself from the ways in which I’m kept from my own heart. This is not a conversation about, “Oh, I should be liberated from that so that I don’t see you in a particular way because that’s bad for you.” This is a conversation about, “I want to be […]

Jenny Odell

‘The point of doing nothing, as I define it, isn’t to return to work refreshed and ready to be more productive, but rather to question what we currently perceive to be productive.’ (How To Do Nothing) It was interesting to start reading this book at Wilbur recently ( where I carry out my best regular […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘This is what practice teaches us – always question, and never look for the answers. Just let them come forth and reveal themselves to us.’ (Deep Hope) To which I would only add, don’t expect the answer to remain the same each time. I read in this excerpt a strong echo of something I have posted […]

Karen Shoji Robbie

‘I learned this koan off by heart. Allowing it to seep into my skin and bones. Repeating the word ordinary like a mantra again and again. Asking the question, ‘What is it?’ again and again. Stopping and starting and not knowing what to do. The whole thing not doing anything. Not knowing anything but trusting […]