In The Thick Of It

Being able to offer the teachings in various venues is one of the main comforts of lockdown life for me; the other principles ones were also in plentiful supply over the past last week, namely warm, sunny weather and being able to get out on my bike. I think I worked the bike metaphor hard […]


‘Though perspectives differ, the Dharma is one and the same. This sutra is present in the nature of all beings. Those who don’t look within read only the words. While those who become aware of their own minds realize this sutra does not consist of words.’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra) I think Hui-neng is making […]

Kobun Chino

‘The question comes, “Is it important to have a lot of interviews with a teacher, or can practice be left up to zazen?” The answer is that the two biggest elements of our practice are zazen practice and “man po,” learning. If a teacher sees all practitioners as imperfect, he stands up as the direct […]

Dale S.Wright

‘According to the Wisdom Sutras, one of the reasons that profound questioning is required is that the practice of inquiry brings us to an awareness of the role of language in our experience of the world. These sutras, along with other Buddhist texts, are extraordinary in the extent to which they have engaged in penetrating reflection on […]


The Buddha’s teaching of the Dharma Is based on two truths: A truth of worldly convention And an ultimate truth. Those who do not understand The distinction drawn between these two truths Do not understand The Buddha’s profound truth. Without a foundation in the conventional truth The significance of the ultimate cannot be taught. Without […]

Dana Velden

‘Paying attention to posture is a way to focus our awareness and to practice presence. Posture is an indication of who we are in a particular moment, what we are feeling, and how we are coping. When we are droopy or hunched over, it’s an indication that perhaps we need to rest or stretch… When […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘Logically we can understand that, without suffering, there would be no need for the compassion, wisdom, and skillful means of bodhisattva practice. This is a difficult teaching. It requires us to stay and investigate that which is troublesome and inconvenient in our world. Yet, it is only under these circumstances that our own buddhanature can […]

Norman Fischer

‘Musicians, athletes, and orators practice to get ready for their performances. But doctors, lawyers, psychotherapists, architects, artists, craftspeople, and other professionals practice in a different sense. They are not preparing for something more signifcant that is going to happen later. Practice for them is ongoing daily effort to develop their field. They respect and honor […]

Taking It Easier

Over the years, as I have exercised, either on my bike or running, I have found it hard to take it easy on the route that I have chosen. Obviously, if I am going a shorter distance, I will be pushing harder; if I am going longer, I will measure my effort in accord with […]

Jenny Odell

‘When I try to think about thinking, for instance retracing where an idea of mine came from, the limitations of English force me to say that “I” “produced” an “idea.” But none of these things are stable entities, and this grammatical relationship among them is misleading. The “idea” isn’t a finished product with identifiable boundaries […]