Rain and Rainbows

I don’t mind the quirks of the calendar that have me going up to Wilbur only a couple of weekends after my previous visit – except for having to lean on my friends and benefactors more regularly for use of a car… Looking at the forecast for the weekend, I packed for the rain rather […]

Changeable Conditions

Over the weekend, I had dokusan scheduled with Fu at Green Gulch. I jumped at the chance to see her, and then having looked ahead at the forecast, I planned for a rainy ride; on the morning of, I heard gale warnings, so was anxious about riding in that. When I left the city, the weather […]

What Comes Alive?

After the rains, it has been clear and milder on the whole. I drove up to Wilbur on Friday, taking my time in the old van, under blue skies, with glimpses of snowy peaks off to the east, and a couple not far north of Wilbur as well. Just a month after the solstice, the […]

Atmospheric River

I am not much of a one for harbouring end-of-times thoughts, unless I stop too long to think about the fate of the planet through climate change, but it has certainly been a strange year so far. On Wednesday, in the early hours, there was a small earthquake in the Bay Area – enough to […]

Bands of Rain

On Friday I was teaching on the Peninsula in the morning, before heading up to Wilbur. There were banks of clouds massing low in the sky, moving steadily up from the south. Arriving a little early, I had the chance to be by the water for a few moments, watching these huge rolling layers. During […]

Radiant Light in the Ten Directions

Wilbur was entirely autumnal last weekend. Rain having passed through, there was a serene clarity to the low sunlight, and a sense – which came to me as I walked down the road on Saturday morning just as the sun was coming up – of moving gently through the stillness of nature. It was a […]

Blanche Hartman

This is a repost, but when I was looking for words I had written about Blanche for my Patreon post, I came across this post and wanted to offer it again. I know I am basically expressing the same thing again, but it was one of my most valuable lessons from living in community: ‘When […]