Lingering Rain

I had two consecutive days of wearing my full ceremonial robes at the end of last week; one of them was wet, since it seems to have been raining every other day recently. I had been asked to officiate a wedding on Friday. It was always going to be a small wedding, as others I […]

East Wind, West Wind

I was thinking of Hongzhi’s phrase ‘like spring arising in everything’ as the title for this post while I was driving up to Wilbur on Friday. The sky was mostly optimistic blue with bright clouds, there was a sense of burgeoning, with the luminous greens of the hills, and, in the Capay Valley, not just […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘Since I moved in this building, people ask me how do you feel [laughs]. But I haven’t find myself in this building. I don’t know what I am doing here [laughs, laughter]. Everything is so unusual to me. So actually I haven’t [laughs]– not much feeling. But I am thinking about now how to adjust […]

Behind The Scenes

I know that when I wrote the Ino’s Blog, much of the value people derived from it was from having a description of what went on behind the scenes at Zen Center. It was fun to write about how we managed the schedule and the ceremonies, and I was never shy about taking photos on […]

Hoitsu Suzuki

I have been around Hoitsu Roshi perhaps half a dozen times in my years at Zen Center. From the first I was struck by his real engagement with whatever was happening, and how expressive his face is. While he embodies much of the traditional formal Japanese zen teacher, he also has something of the kid […]

The Mountain Seat

This past weekend I spent many hours at Zen Center, mostly wearing my full ceremonial outfit, for two of the biggest ceremonies that a zen temple can put on – the Stepping Down and the Mountain Seat. Linda Ruth was retiring as Central Abbess, and David Z was stepping up as the new City Center […]

Returning Empty-Handed

I had been thinking of this title for the post even before realising that the Dogen quote was scheduled for yesterday. Sometimes, inevitably, I just feel flat about my life. The last few weeks have been painful in some aspects, and I notice how the way my body responds to those events bleeds over into […]