The Quiet Of The City

Even though it was the last day of January, it was warm in San Francisco yesterday. I had the chance to go for a quick ride in the early morning; at that hour it was still chilly and misty, but, taking a turn around Stow Lake, the sun burst through and it was exhilarating to […]

Jack Kornfield

‘Freedom is always found just where you are. Whether you are caring for a child, building a business, playing a game, or healing an illness, it all takes place right now. Hurrying and worrying don’t bring more time. All we truly ever have is the present moment. The past is gone; the future is not […]

Rest and Repose

As I was giving my dharma talk on the solstice, I started by invoking it, and how the darkest time of the year has acted as a time of reflection and renewal across human cultures. I nearly mentioned one of my students, who had told me that week that he had been stressed right through […]

Lessons Of The Landscape

‘If we go somewhere on foot, we know the way perfectly, whereas if we go by motor car or airplane we are hardly there at all, it becomes merely a dream.’ – Chögyam Trungpa. Last year at this time, my intention to get plenty of exercise in my free time was thwarted, mainly by breaking […]

Crosstown Trail

When I was around ten or eleven, my schoolfriends and I took part, several years running, in an annual charity walk that raised money for the local elderly. It must have been heavily encouraged at school, otherwise I don’t know how we all decided to do it, seeing as it was twenty miles – quite […]


I haven’t really wrapped my head around the fact that the decade is turning over this time, or spent much time contemplating the passage of time. I do remember, as we celebrated the beginning of 1980, my mother asking me where I thought I would be at the end of the decade. I had no […]

Dharma Talk

Today I am giving the Saturday talk at Zen Center, which is the first time I have sat on the dharma seat there in just shy of two years, and only the second Saturday talk I have given. As such, you will be able to watch it on Livestream, and I hope you are able […]

The Holy Hallway

Today is the day when Zen Center commemorates the death of Suzuki Roshi, forty-eight years ago now. The story of his dying, and the timing of it (on the first day of the Rohatsu sesshin)  is told often enough. I picture him lying in the room that is now the kaisando, the room that all temples have where the […]

Giving Thanks For The Rain

The weather was just about perfect for the roam on Sunday, with clear skies and warm sun. There was a sense, sitting on Bernal Heights looking down over the city, that this was the last of the fine weather that has characterised the last couple of months in San Francisco. Out of the sun the […]

San Francisco Days

Today marks twenty years since I first came to San Francisco. On the flight over from New York I had been chatting with the cabin crew, and, in the days before BART ran to the airport, happily accepted the offer of a ride into town on their shuttle. They were all staying in one of […]