Marian Mountain

‘For years I had been fascinated and troubled by the problem of self. “Who am I?”  The search for the original self, the source of the vow to save all sentient beings, was always in the background of my meditation. Now I had slipped into the center of that original self. I had known intellectually […]


Even with purity like an autumn flood reaching to the heavens, How can it compare with the haziness of a spring night’s moon? Many people desire to find purity in their lives, But though they sweep and sweep, their minds are not yet empty.

Dale S. Wright

‘The skill of generosity is the ability to communicate courage, the power to stand up and address whatever is painful in life. Courage, in the form of encouragement, is a gift always potentially in our possession but actualizable only if we have cultivated it, only if we have developed our powers of compassionate, sensitive giving […]

Unsettled Conditions

A fearsome wind blew in last Friday, heralding a change from a week of unbroken sunshine to a low pressure system bearing rain. The forecast looked fairly depressing, although it has turned out that the rain is intermittent. It certainly fell hard as I left Cornwall on Sunday with my sister, who had come down […]

Charlotte Joko Beck

‘From our earliest moments in life, we are developing an ego-mind. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this; it’s just that we see life only from our viewpoint. Our essential nature remains undisturbed at all times. We can’t see it, however, because we’re now always looking from a limited, one-sided viewpoint.’ (Nothing Special) So how does this […]

Soko Morinaga

‘The heart, the life that is within you, is born in companionship with the environment. Your heart is the life of the great universe. Our own hearts are the womb from which everything originates, and just as I am a manifestation of Buddha, so are you a manifestation of Buddha. Therefore, the Zen school teaches […]


‘Unsurpassed bodhi is not for the sake of the self, not for the sake of others, not for the sake of fame, and not for the sake of profit. And yet, single-mindedly seeking unsurpassed bodhi, diligently proceeding without retreat, is called arousing bodhi mind. After this mind has already manifested, not seeking after bodhi, even […]