Gil Fronsdal

‘Some paths might be about getting someplace, from A to B, but at the same time, the path is a wonderful path to walk, and each step along the way is complete in itself. The two notions do not exclude each other. They can contain each other beautifully. It is my notion that this third option is what the Buddha had to offer to the spiritual life. There is a way which is complete in each moment of practice, and, at the same time, it puts us on a path that leads us someplace through the woods.’ (from the Insight Meditation Center website)

The Eightfold Path has been in my mind recently, and I found this talk, as well as an article by Gil that I discussed with my student group, a rich source of ideas.

One thought on “Gil Fronsdal

  1. Where are we going? I think we forget sometimes. It is good to forget sometimes in order to let the unexpected advance forward. Still it is good to remember to stay on course, to stay the course and not get too distracted by the details. I wannna walk home with my true love by my side. That is a big part of it.

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