Toni Packer

‘What do people mean by “self-realization”? A powerful experience that will settle our daily problems? Awakening to a state of nirvana, bliss, ecstasy? Is that what people believe it to be? I am asked about this all the time. We all have read so many accounts of enlightenment experiences and one wants that same experience for oneself. One will give anything for it, practice any method, follow any teacher.
What is self-realization if not the immediate, moment-to-moment insight into the processes of the human mind? Can fear and wanting be instantly seen and directly understood – not just the present feeling of it, but the root cause and the inevitable consequences that follow? Not thinking or speculating about it, but a penetrating awareness that dispels what is seen? This seeing, this undivided openness, has nothing to do with any experience. There is no experiencer in it – no realizer, no recipient of anything. It is something entirely new and unknowable.’ (The Work of this Moment)

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