Norman Fischer

‘The basic technique for concentration involves bringing the mind to the object of concentration and patiently training it, through repetition, to stay with the object. This is not easy to do. The mind naturally gets distracted, tired, and/or bored. It is not used to staying put unless it has some distinct drive toward pleasure or satisfaction. When you try to concentrate your mind in meditation, you are impressed with how little control you have over your mind. It is humbling to realize that you can tell your mind, in all seriousness, “Stay still,” but it won’t stay still. You can’t control it. It makes you wonder who is in charge of whom. Still, if you keep with it, you eventually develop some ability to focus, and maybe once in a while you come into a moment of strong single-pointed concentration, which is peaceful and calming. Developing concentration takes much more time than you might have thought. It also takes faith, diligence, determination, and support.’ (The World Could Be Otherwise)

I think we’ve all been there…

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