Ananda Claude Dalenberg

‘I am trying to follow the Bodhisattva’s vow. Being a Bodhisattva is quite a different order. The Bodhisattva’s vow is kind of an eternal vow. No matter how numberless sentient beings are, and so forth. So for me it means, if I’m on the wrong track then I have to start over again. In the Bodhisattva’s vow if you make a mistake, a big one or a small one, you just face up to it and start over again, whenever you’re able.’ (from Wind Bell)

Claude Dalenberg was one of the stalwarts of the early days at Zen Center (and, I have a feeling, the person responsible for some of the messed-up recordings in the archive). Here he is expressing himself in a fascinating issue of the Wind Bell that focused on the city sangha as it started to feel at home at Page Street.

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